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The importance of selecting quality orthodontic instruments

When selecting orthodontic pliers for your practice, it’s important to realize that not all pliers or instruments are equivalent, and may differ greatly in terms of quality and lifespan, even if they are intended to perform the exact same function. Price often, but not always, correlates with higher quality. Pay particular attention to build quality and the materials used when deciding between vendors. For example, chrome-coated instruments are often made of lower-grade steel, and may not hold up as well in the long term if the chrome finish becomes scratched, as compared to a matte-finish instrument composed of the highest-grade stainless steel. Lower quality instruments may also have looser joints and pivots that will eventually fail as force is repeatedly applied during normal use. The very same manufacturer may even produce more than one version of each instrument, covering a range of price and quality.

Given the need for frequent sterilization of these instruments, the warranty issue is also highly important. When reviewing warranties it is important to be clear what procedures they are based on, as cheaper instruments may have warranties that include more disclaimer language about handling and use. Make sure that the warranty language about cleaning and sterilizing procedures matches the reality of daily use in your practice for added confidence that your instruments will last, or be replaced in the case of failure. This is especially important for instruments like Distal End Cutter or Ligature Cutters, as they may be more prone to damage over time.

Choosing the right pliers for the right application is as important as the quality. A simple example would be ligature wire cutters that are rated to cut up to .016 soft wire. If used on a larger wire will damage the plier. Be sure to invest in the correct range of instruments for all your anticipated applications, as having and keeping your instruments in excellent working condition will increase in procedure efficiency by avoiding having to leave the chairside to get replacement instruments that are not functioning properly.

A few things of note about the quality of JES Orthodontic Pliers:

Box Joint vs. Lap Joint: Our pliers are manufactured from box-jointed plier. Compared to the scissors-style lap joint, this encapsulated design offers tremendous advantages in increase bearing surfaces and contact areas for maintaining tip alignment.

Plier Finish: All JES Orthodontics Pliers are matte finish. Chrome finish can become scratched enabling the lesser quality steel to become exposed. Once exposed, this steel can rust and/or corrode during autoclave sterilization.

Warranty: At JES Orthodontics, we offer a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects. In addition, Our Leopard Series also offer a 1-year warranty for reconditioning, sharpening and reinserting and a lifetime warranty on bond failure and corrosion.

When selecting orthodontic instruments, such as pliers, consider the long term application of the instrument. Will you have to replace them frequently? Will you need to order an abundance of pliers because they will become less effective, corroded or scratched? Choosing the correct orthodontic instruments of the highest quality with appropriate warranties is the best investment choice over the long term.

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