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Improve Invisalign Response with Chewies Aligner Trays Seaters

Eliminating the air pockets between your Invisalign tray and your teeth can optimize your tooth movement during orthodontic therapy with Invisalign.

Most people use disposable cotton rolls to bite down against, tightening their Invisalign aligners across their mouth. Unfortunately, cotton rolls lose their spring and need to be refreshed after just a few bites. This creates excess waste and product that has to be purchased. However, Chewies are springy orthodontic aids that can be used multiple times by each patient.
Scented, brightly colored, and American made – Chewies allow you to ensure a snug fit between your Invisalign braces and each tooth in your mouth. Simply bite down on the Chewies, move it two teeth across, bite down, and repeat until the entire aligner is seated properly. You will feel the Invisalign aligner fitting snuggly against your teeth, enhancing your response to treatment.

After each use, simply rinse your Chewies Aligner Tray Seater and store it until the next use. It is recommended that Chewies are used for 5 minutes a day, just before bedtime. This will optimize tooth movement while you sleeps, and stimulate blood flow throughout the tissues around your teeth.
Each order includes 10 separately packaged, tamper-proof patient bags of 30 Chewies.
Chewies are available in:
• Pink Bubble Gum
• Purple Grape
• Green Mint
• Yellow Pineapple
• White (Unscented)
Improve your response time to Invisalign. Use Chewies Aligner Tray Seaters each day for faster results. Simple, safe and effective – Chewies make wearing Invisalign easy!

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