Made of pure sapphire with an advanced milling technique, these orthodontic brackets utilize a 3D design method, which makes them incredibly close to an anatomical tooth shape. Crystal sapphire brackets are an idealistic and aesthetic answer for all patients.

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Our crystal ceramic brackets are specially designed with rounded corners, heat polished and are minimized to give a superior fit and comfort for patients.

  • Maximum tie-wing strength:
      • Torque strength is nearly three times that of other ceramic brackets (such as Clarity).
  • Maximum strength:
      • Single crystal structure (treated with advanced heat technology) is three times as resistant in torque strength as other poly-ceramic products.
  • Lasting beauty:
      • Monocrystalline crystal ceramic brackets remain stain-free, unlike other polycrystalline brackets.
  • De-bonding:
      • Designed for easy de-bonding at the bracket/adhesive interface to prevent enamel fractures, which are common with other brackets.
  • Comfort:
      • Ultra-smooth, heat-polished surface that dramatically reduces friction. In fact, laboratory tests prove the frictional resistance of our sapphire bracket is lower than other ceramic brackets with a metal slot insert.
  • Bond strength:
      • RRM technique, which provides maximum bond strength and allows you to de-bond the bracket base stays put until you are ready to remove it without damaging the enamel.