The DDS 7000 Dry Heat Sterilizer cools instruments inside the unit for your safety.

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The DDS 7000 Dry Heat Sterilizer cools dental instruments inside the unit for your safety.

The DDS 7000:

  • Kills spores and all living organisms
  • Sterilization temperature of 375° (190°C)
  • Eliminates water damage to instruments
  • Dry process keeps instruments sharp longer
  • Exterior of the unit is always safe to touch
  • Includes FREE Accessory Kit consisting of: 4 Plier Racks, 1 Spore Strip Holder DSSH-1, 1 MPUS Plus 8 oz. Bottle, 1 Spore Test Sample, 1 Silicone Lubricant
  • Provides an easy transfer system from sterilizer to chair side
  • FDA 510(k) cleared K051660
  • Cycle time less than 40 minutes (load dependant)
  • Cool down cycle allows immediate handling of dental instruments when the sterilization cycle is complete
  • New HEPA filter system provides purified air during cool down
  • New internal diagnostic system monitors and reports all sterilization processes
  • New light emitting diode (LED) display informs operator of current operating conditions
  • Designed and developed in accordance with ANSI/AAMI ST50:2004 standards



  • Outside Dimensions: 18 3/4″W x 19 3/4″D x 23 1/8″H
  • Chamber size: 12 1/2″W x 9″D x 6″H
  • Capacity: 36 pliers
  • Power Requirements: 15A/115V (10A/230V)
  • Ambient Room Temperature: 40° to 80°F (5°C to 27°C)
  • Controls: Standby/On, Cycle Start, LED display

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